Recent & Upcoming Talks


Above All Else Show The Data-Best Practices in Data Visualization

Using Tufte’s principles of graphical excellence to support effective data storytelling and to avoid chart junk.

Using Predictive Modeling to Increase Six-Year Graduation

Modeling time-to-graduation using survival analysis.


Using Predictive Modeling to Increase One-Year Retention Through Early Identification

How to construct, evaluate, and apply statistical models to predict one-year retention for FTICs.


UH Tableau User Group

University of Houston Tableau Users Group to support, share ideas, and learn from those who are working with Tableau on the UH campus.

Identifying Institutional Peers Through Cluster Analysis

Using K-means clustering to identify university comparable and aspirational peers.


See the Difference! Visualizing Assessment Data

How to leverage data visualization tools to present assessment data.


Google Charts for Institutional Research

How to construct open-source data visualization with Google Charts using the googleVis package in R.